My aim is to break down the barriers of traditional art industry hierarchy by challenging human assumptions and observations.My work is a daily endeavor of lending both my art and my physicality to the viewer’s gaze, which I find enhances my overall vision. Working in the realms of painting, illustration, and design, I create textured, large-scale pieces using raw materials, mostly from DIY construction projects, evoking elements of spontaneity and industrialism. The art demonstrates contrast, both visually and conceptually. Being photographed with my art is a vulnerable act, threading my literal image into abstract expressionism. I find it necessary to integrate the artist and the art, creating a space that enables vulnerability in a way that tests the relationships and responses to our material and tactile lives. It allows me to provoke a juxtaposition between my demure, “angelic” appearance and my towering, heavy-bodied art; with its often dark inspirations. Working on a series, I employ a thematic method with focus on texture and form. I apply layers of different materials on multiple panels, using canvases ranging from 5-15 feet. Employing rich color pallets and dynamic movement and dimensions allows me to be at the mercy of the event—making the process itself as significant as the product. The materials I use never manifest the same way twice, while also leaving a hauntingly signature style. It’s an undertaking both physically and emotionally demanding—the reward is representative of the work you see.